Privacy Policy
Personal information collection and retention

Information relating to the customer of the cooperative. It is only used for the purpose of operating the cooperative legally. And used to design products and services. To meet customer needs and provide the best service. Customer data will not be collected or reserved if the cooperative has no intention of doing so. The cooperative collects your personal information only when the cooperative receives information directly from you. Register or register for a cooperative to contact you. If you choose to provide personal information such as your name, surname, number, date of birth, ID card, email address, Telephone numbers or fax numbers for cooperatives, as well as business activities or transactions. Of the cooperative. The cooperative will keep the information confidential.

Disclosure to third parties

The cooperative will not allow any disclosure of information. The person who has the right to know and use your personal information must be a designated person or a cooperative officer. The only authority that is relevant to the issue you are requesting to do. To complete your request only for the purpose.

Your personal information will not be sold to third parties. Or to exchange Or disclose to any other person. Except in the following cases.

  • Cooperate with your consent to disclose personal information. Or to disclose personal information to help complete your transaction.
  • Disclosure as required by the laws for the purpose of legal investigation or proceedings
  • Disclosure in case of necessity for the inspection, prevention or execution of the violation of the law. Or if it could affect the safety of the life and body of another person.

Data protection measures

The cooperative strictly adheres to the security measures to protect your personal information for the purpose of preventing damage. Or knowing your personal information by unauthorized persons.

For subscribers via mobile phone, please note that cooperative

  • No policy on financial inquiries. personal Information User ID, Password or PIN Code for cooperative customers via E-mail or any other channels.
  • There is no policy to attach a link to a website via E-mail to a customer.